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Aus Organic Feeds Pty Ltd is a dedicated organic feed milling operation based on the Darling Downs, just outside Toowoomba. It is the sister company to Kialla Pure Foods, Australia’s largest dedicated organic milling operation. The synergies achieved between the two businesses provide an ongoing competitive advantage in the sourcing of organic grains – in an industry where supply is limited. These synergies are as follows:

Consistency of supply: Due to its connections with Kialla, Aus Organic Feeds has access to an extensive organic grain supply network throughout the east coast of Australia. Not only can it source feed grains directly from this network, but it also takes any out of specification grains which Kialla might receive. This further enhances the loyalty of the organic supply network, as they are assured of a market for their grains, irrespective of specification.

Consistency of ration: A key benefit of utilising by-product from the flour mill is the consistency of ration produced.  All Aus Organic Feeds ration formulations are not significantly impacted by seasonal grain supply fluctuations, therefore it can produce a relatively consistent ration all year round.

Range of products: Aus Organic Feeds supplies full feed rations for the poultry, rodent, beef, lamb and dairy industries in bulk, bulka bag or 25kg bags. In addition to full feeds, Aus Organic Feeds can supply a protein concentrate to producers to mix on farm with their own grains, thereby reducing the supply issues associated with sourcing protein meals and supplements, as well as on farm labour requirements. Other rations are available upon request or formulated to customer requirements.

Nutrition: Quality nutrition is an integral part of animal performance. Aus Organic Feeds utilises the service of a highly respected nutritionist who specialises in the organic feed industry. Each ration is developed to a commercial specification designed to ensure a ‘least cost’ formula. Aus Organic Feeds can also tailor a ration to suit a customer’s requirements - minimum volumes apply for this service. 


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Aus Organic Chicken Layer Pellets 25kg

Aus Organic Chicken Layer Pellets 25kg

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